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Lateral Line Program
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The Beckley Sanitary Board is working in cooperation with the City of Beckley to improve the sewer collection system in the City. The Beckley Sanitary Board received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the City of Beckley to provide funds to eligible households to cover the cost of installation of sewer lateral lines from their homes to the main line. The proposed improvements will provide sewer service to the unserved Redbrush Area, which will increase the capacity of the wastewater system and reduce overflows into local streams.

Who is Responsible for Private Sewer Lateral Lines?

Responsibility for a sewer lateral is divided between the Beckley Sanitary Board and the homeowner. The Sanitary Board’s responsibility begins at the main sewer line in the public right-of way up to the property line.

How can the Beckley Sanitary Board Assist You?

The Beckley Sanitary Board has requested grant funds from the City of Beckley Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to provide a Sewer Lateral Line Program, which offers financial assistance for the replacement of deteriorated lines and/or installation of new residential sewer laterals. This means that even if the Beckley Sanitary Board is not financially responsible for the repairs, the Sanitary Board may be able to cover up to 100% of the replacement cost on behalf of the homeowner.

How Do I Know If I Qualify?

Residence must be:

  • a residential structure, which includes single-family homes, duplexes, and multi-family buildings.
  • occupied by individual(s) who meet the eligibility guidelines.

Income Eligibility

The Sewer Lateral Line Program is an income-based program that requires the completion of an application to determine who is qualified for financial assistance.

Federal Low-To-Moderate Income Limit

Persons Per HouseholdMaximum Gross Income
1-Person Household$29,150
2-Person Household$33,300
3-Person Household$37,450
4-Person Household$41,600
5-Person Household$44,950
6-Person Household$48,300
7-Person Household$51,600
8-Person Household$52,950

Download the Full Packet

Read through all Program Guidelines, and fill out all forms to see if you qualify for the BSB Lateral Line Program

Eligible Costs Include

  • Installation, replacement, and/or repair of private sewer lateral lines from the exterior wall of the home to the public main sewer line.
  • Required street, sidewalk, and pavement replacement.
  • Sod for yard repair.

  • Sewer Tap -In fee.

  • Permits and administrative costs.

Ineligible Costs Include

  • Repair, relocation, or damage to structures, retaining walls, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, electronic dog fences, and landscaping.

  • Required street, sidewalk, and pavement replacement.
  • Damage caused by sewer lateral backup.

  • Damage caused by contractor’s performance.

  • Repairs or videos performed prior to applying into the program.

Download the Full Packet

Read through all Program Guidelines, and fill out all forms to see if you qualify for the BSB Lateral Line Program

Once the application has been completed and submitted to Beckley Sanitary Board, program consultants will review the application to determine eligibility.  BSB will notify the applicant of eligibility and will arrange and coordinate the construction of the private laterals for qualified households by a private contractor.  Please be aware that this special program is a one-time offering with limited funding.  Funding will be distributed on a first come basis to eligible households until the grant is exhausted.  If you are interested in applying for the program, please contact Kristen Creager with the Beckley Sanitary Board at 304-256-1760.

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