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As a user of the Beckley Sanitary Board (BSB) Public Owned Treatment Works (POTW), your use of the POTW is governed by the Beckley Sanitary Board Sewer Use Ordinance and all Beckley Sanitary Board Policies derived thereof. As a Food Service Establishment, it has been determined that your operations have the potential to contribute fat, oil, and grease to your wastewater discharge. BSB Sewer Use Ordinance and Policies stipulate your business must furnish and maintain an appropriately sized and properly maintained grease interceptor device and institute operational Best Management Practices (BPMs) prior to discharging any waste stream into the system.

  • Fats, oils and grease (FOG) cause serious problems in the sewer system. FOG sticks to the walls of the pipes when put down the drain. Over time, FOG can restrict the flow in a pipe until a sewer stoppage or overflow occurs. Stoppages and overflows can create smelly, dirty messes — possibly damaging your business, property, profits, as well as the environment.

  • To prevent grease problems in public sewer lines and wastewater treatment facilities, the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, and the City of Beckley have promulgated regulations governing grease abatement, principally through installation and maintenance of grease interceptors and enforcement of the various regulations.

Excessive amounts of grease cause various problems in the wastewater collection system (sewer and pumping systems), as well as in the wastewater treatment plant.

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