Reduce Fertilizer Pollution

Fertilizing lawns can create and maintain healthy grass. However over fertilizing can harm our environment because excess will run off the surface and into storm drains that run directly into Piney Creek. In the rivers, the fertilizers still promote growth but now the growth means algae and other aquatic plants can grow to abnormal proportions clogging the rivers and […]

Landscaping Stormwater Management

Landscape features can improve the curb appeal of a business or residential building, absorb and filter storm water runoff from paved surfaces and provide green space for recreation and even urban habitat. Trees and shrubs also provide natural screening and help buffer noise, while vegetation helps to improve air quality. Many landscaped areas require maintenance […]

Environmental Impacts of Lawn Fertilizer

Some people use fertilizer on lawns to help them grow. When people use more fertilizer than their lawn needs, or if they fertilize just before it rains, a lot of fertilizer ends up in runoff and not on the lawn. You know what happens next… down the storm drain and into the river. Fertilizer helps […]