Licensed Grease Haulers

*Note: The Beckley Sanitary Board and its contributing agencies do not make any representations or warranties, expressed or implied to the fitness, capacity or ability of the licensed Grease Haulers in the list below.

The licensed Grease Haulers listed below are listed strictly for your reference purposes and in no way should be considered as an endorsement by the City or the aforementioned Sanitation Districts and their contributing agencies of the services the listed haulers provide and/or their respective compliance records. Prior to the use of any of the Grease Haulers listed below, you should determine the license status of any Grease Hauler you employ.

A Linzy’s Septic Tank Service

Charleston, WV | 304-342-0902

AAA Septic & Portable Toilet

Princeton, WV | 866-888-5329

Crosier Sanitary Service, Inc.

Beckley, WV | 304-252-1038

Osborne’s Septic & Drainage

Clintonville, Wv | 304-645-6308

*Also a grease recycler

A-1 Septic Tank Service

Beckley, WV | 304-255-1187

Cadle Sanitary Service

Charleston, WV | 304-252-1038

JW’s Relief Septic SVC

Princeton, WV | 304-320-5970

Valley Proteins*

Winchester, VA | 800-332-3155

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