Selecting A Grease Hauler


Restaurant owners and operators are responsible for properly maintaining their outdoor underground grease interceptors. A reputable Grease Hauler can help with maintenance by recommending an appropriate cleaning schedule and notifying you of any mechanical problems with the grease interceptor.


  • Receive the service you paid for

  • Ensure grease is properly managed

  • Avoid illegal dumping and under bidding

  • Reduce the chance of experiencing a sewer overflow

  • Avoid sewer and stormwater fines or penalties


  • Complete removal of grease layer, settled solids and wastewater. Do not accept skimming
    the top layer of grease only, as debris also collects at the bottom of the interceptor.

  • A thorough cleaning, including removing baffle and lid if possible, scraping the sides, lid
    and baffles to remove as much of the grease as possible and replacing the baffle and lid.

  • Proper disposal of grease waste and water at an approved location.

  • A contract which states disposal will comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

  • A receipt with the date and volume removed.


Ask the hauler/pumper to describe their pumping process. Compare costs of service, availability and scheduling. The cost of hauling is charged per gallon of waste and costs will vary so check with different companies. Ask other restaurants for their opinions and experiences with Grease Haulers/Recyclers. When possible, witness/observe all activities performed by the Grease Hauler. If the Grease Hauler does not provide adequate answers to your questions, you may want to consider interviewing additional Grease Haulers. Enforcement actions against waste haulers for improperly disposing of waste do occur and many times restaurant owners pay for improper pumping and disposal.

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